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January 18, 2018 in Extra
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Extra 12 :: 2239
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musicture January 18, 2018 edit delete
Boy, I'm full of excuses for the lack of update today :'). These past few weeks have taken a lot out of me, it seems like everybody is calling in sick (and since I'm a manager that means I get to cover everyone's shifts that nobody else can cover). Thus I've gotten a lot of hours recently (Saturday and Sunday were both 10-hour days for me), which is great for my paycheck! Not so great for comic work! Other than that, I've also busied myself with another comic I'm working on with my datefriend and fancomics for a contest. However, some good news in the mix, my psychiatrist raised my ProZac dosage to 20mg, so hopefully my lack of energy to do stuff I love will be dissapating in the near future.

Onto some other news: I've done a lot of thinking about my comic. I love this comic to bits and pieces and I will do whatever I can to get this story out there. However, I've been worrying way too much about having it be professional and correct, instead of doing what is fun and what I love. So the overall graphic quality may go down as I spend less time trying to get every panel correctly drawn, lines may be sketchier, etc., because what's more important to me is spending less time on each page and more time on the actual story. I've accepted that it's a longshot that my comic will ever be something to professionally define myself by/something to make major profit from, and that I should stick to what I love doing! So apologies in advance for what may be some visual inconsistencies, but I'll be happier doing it my way than what I perceive as the "correct" way.

Other than that, thank you so much for your patience and for keeping up with my comic! I love all of my characters from the bottom of my heart and I really appreciate anyone who likes to read about them and keep up with them. Thank you!